Monday, May 18, 2009

Given the Choice

I love the phrase "given the choice what will you choose?"... I feel we are constantly asked this question on things in life... will you eat the last doughnut, will you go run today, will you spend time with your family.

The big picture is will we choose Jesus? If so, then it seems all the other choices are his choice. I try to remind myself that I have chosen and need to chose Jesus and everything else is His will or His choice for me.

Given the choice I will become part of the CHP... I will run a marathon with Josh... I will expand and depen my relationships with those around me...

But all my choices don't really matter because when I am close to Jesus and doing things/making choices with Him in mind then it is He that chooses for me. Because of Him I will get into CHP. Because of Him I will complete a marathon. Because of Him I will grow my relationships with others so that I can share how wonderful Jesus is and has been to me (if that is his choice).

I know we have choices but it seems that if the choices are made with Jesus in mind and prayer then do we really have choices or is it all his plan.

This thought hit me on my way home from softball as I wondered to myself about the CHP (if I will get in and when?) and then I remembered how I felt compelled to apply for CHP as if it wasn't the choice I made but the path He had for me.

So I guess I will continue down the path that Jesus has for me and just try to enjoy my walk with Him as we get to our destination.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fun Run?

So, I completed my first fun run about an hour ago. My legs are still jello and my lungs still sting as I breathe. Not my definition of fun but it does feel good to get out and push the body physically like that. The really bad part is that Jamie (13 weeks pregnant) didn't finish much behind Mike and me.

I do hope that next Saturday we are able to get more people out there as it is a good way to stay in shape.

Well, it is time for my nap so I will see everybody soon. To all the mother that I won't see tomorrow... "Happy Mothers Day" and enjoy your time with your family.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Muscle May

Many offices in the CHP participate in something called Mustache March which requires officers to grow mustaches. I really wanted to participate in this with Wes but Tricia threatened me with what she would call Armpit April (where she wouldn't shave). So... neither one of us got what we wanted but it did get me thinking.

In an effort to stop slacking off on my workout I am starting Muscle May. This shall include at least 6 workouts a week, sometimes 2 a day. This won't include tons of running as running burns fat more than adding muscle. So if this works I can use Jogging June to burn off the fat to show off the muscle.

That is my proposal for anyone interested working out for 4 weeks and wanting some accountability (I know I will need some).

I would like to see this continue so if you have any other ideas for future months:

Jogging June/July
Abstinence April/August (for those not interested in more babies)
Massaging May (use to pamper a spouse)

That is all I have for now, enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Random thoughts to start it off

We bought Weston a bike on Sunday and I have never seen him so happy, it made me wonder when the last time I was that happy... turns out it was the birth of my children. So me having kids is the equivalent of Weston getting a bike, interesting.

CHP has sent out letting to my references so they have begun my process. Thank you to those that have filled out the forms and mailed them back to CHP so they can make up their mind on whether they want me or not.

Our softball team secured a playoff spot with a dominating win last night. It is so nice to not be awful and to have a consistent group of people show up each week.

Tricia made cup cakes yesterday... she always tells me to stop eating junk food and then she makes a batch of cup cakes for the two of us to eat, can anyone explain that one to me?

That is all I have for now, time to get to work, sorry for having to create a new blog but I lost my user name and password of the old one...

Thanks for all that you do, have a wonderful day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A new blog for Matt

This is Matt's second blog because he has no idea, and I really have no idea the info we used to make the blog. SO, here is the blog he will be writing on and hopefully this doesn't happen again :)